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AMLab's Operator Assist solutions provide crane operators with a variety of hybrid control functionality, making operations easier and increasing productivity. By combining our real-time environment profiling and incident prevention systems, operators can leverage hybrid control to move faster, and safer. Combined with their industry experience and training, operators perform more confidently with less mental fatigue. Whether a novice or highly experienced, hybrid assistance control greatly increases the performance of all operators, increasing efficiency and achieving internal productivity benchmarks.


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Technology Overview

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Our Values

Retrofit Solution: Whether ship-to-shore or gantry, our real-time profiling is compatible with any crane, any brand.

Strategic Sensor Placement: Multiple laser sensors are placed at strategic points on the trolley and crane structure, creating the most complete, detailed environment profile available.

Industry-Leading Hardware Partners: Long-range, high accuracy sensors offering outstanding performance and environmental resilience.

Integrated System: A connection to the crane PLC is required, allowing the system to adjust speeds when operating in tiered, predefined safety zones.

Turn-key Project Delivery: All the required hardware, software and training is provided.


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