World-class problem solvers

Sustainable and transformational change in container terminal operations

Our Story

AMLab is on a mission to empower operations through machine intelligence and automation. We deliver cutting edge software systems to become the pre-eminent machine vision solution for container terminal operations. Through our expertise in autonomous mining and disciplined approach in continuous iteration, it has led to us solving some of the industry's hardest problems. Since 2016, we’ve deployed bespoke autonomous technology across the globe. Learning and delivering value every step of the way, we’re pioneering the next leap forward in automation and port operations.


Our Values

Build Trust

Trust is a feeling that comes from common values and beliefs. Trust is about having each others' best interests at heart. Trust builds confidence to take risks and experiment.

Be Authentic

Treat all with respect and equality but speak the truth even if unpleasant.

Rise Above the Merely Necessary

Free your ingenuity and imagination to tackle challenging and rewarding problems. Pursue maximum engagement. Eliminate the tedious and unproductive in enabling inspired collaborations and outcomes.

Take Responsibility

Never blame others. Always take ownership and look inwards at what could be done differently next time.

Create Intimacy

Eliminate heirarchy.

Take Smart Risks

Be constantly curious for better ways to do things. Balance exploration vs exploitation of new knowledge.

Our Innovators

Shanil Herat
Managing Director

BEng (Hons), BSc
18 years in automation delivery for mining, oil & gas

Jawn Looi
Business Development

MBA, BEng (Hons)
14 years of R&D product development and innovation delivery in mining and defence

Andrew Pasquale
Head of Engineering

BEng (Hons), MEng, FSEng
18 years of automation delivery in mobile plant and mining fields

Nathan Hood

CPA, Co-founder Carbon Group
Startup Investor
40 under 40 winner
14 years of tax accounting

Talal Alharbi
Head of MENA

BSc, MBA, PhD​
Subject Matter Expert in efficient and sustainable port operations

Michael Firmin
Industry Advisor

Previously DP World National (Australia)  Continuous Improvement Manager​
Subject Matter Expert in efficient and sustainable port operations

Join the Team

We’re always on the look-out for engineers, software developers and industry experts to be a part of the AMLab journey. Introduce yourself and we’ll be in touch.

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