Our Solution to the Future of Logistics

The future of logistics is precision at speed. With the world’s most advanced, ultra-productive quay crane retrofit solutions, we’re leading the charge.

Faster, Safer, Better.

Faster vessel cycle times demand superior levels of performance and accuracy. With our suite of advanced crane solutions, any crane can be retrofitted to drastically improve the performance of any operator. Only by leveraging state-of-the-art hardware and patented cutting-edge software can we deliver faster, safer and more consistent container loading performance.

+70 metre

Range with centimetre precision

+3 million

Datapoints processed per second

<80 ms

System response time


By combining long-range sensors with our patented technology, the entire port environment is mapped in real-time. This allows for the continuous tracking of container profiles, cell guides, spreader position and vessel heave. Combined, this provides operators with clear, unparalleled situational awareness.

Cycle Analytics
Truck Positioning System
Operator Sense
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Incident Prevention

Our high-accuracy, real-time profiling not only captures containers but lashing platforms, walkways, personnel and everything else the operator may miss. Real-time distance measuring to obstacles in each direction ensure operators see all hazards, reducing the chance of equipment damage, down-time and improving workplace safety.

Stack Collision Prevention
Cabin Safety
Truck Lift prevention
Obstacle Avoidance
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Operator Assist

Cycle time efficiency demands operators move at higher speeds. With full situational awareness and AMLab Control Assist, operators can travel at optimal speeds for longer. Combined with micro-motion control and vessel heave tracking, no container is out of reach. Whether landside, above deck pocket-loading or deep within the vessel, your operators will land the first time, every time.

AMLab Control Assist
Auto Travel
Auto Landing
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A Solution
Tailored to You

Require something unique? We can extend our position measurement, key feature identification, obstacle detection and control algorithms to your use case. Get in touch to see what we can create together or explore our other capabilities.