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AMLab’s Real Time Profiling suite is a core component of all our solutions, forming the basis of our machine perception capabilities. The system leverages numerous long-range, high-accuracy LiDARs, working in unison to accurately map the surroundings. With industry-leading software processing millions of data points per second, a real-time, dynamic model of the environment is created.


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Truck Positioning System

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Our Values

Retrofit Solution: Whether ship-to-shore or gantry, our real-time profiling is compatible with any crane, any brand.

Strategic Sensor Placement: Multiple laser sensors are placed at strategic points on the trolley and crane structure, creating the most complete, detailed environment profile available.

Industry-Leading Hardware Partners: Long-range, high accuracy sensors offering outstanding performance and environmental resilience.

Independent System: Closed loop system requires no PLC connection.

Turn-key Project Delivery: All the required hardware, software and training is provided.


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