Making big headway in ports 4.0

AMLab’s mission is to deliver transformational change in container terminal operations, and with a proven track record, we’re succeeding.

The problem with shipping.

Worldwide shortages, renewed Covid-19 lockdowns, and geopolitical tensions have placed pressure on the already disrupted global supply chain. Ports, faced with staffing shortages and increased demand, have no viable solution.

2x Wait Time

For vessel berthing since the start of the pandemic1.

Major Disruptions

Due to worker shortages from lockdowns and covid-related health issues.

Under Tension

from geopolitical tensions and resourcing disruptions.

And it's a big problem.


Global cargo shipping market.


Of All Global Goods Transported By Sea are Containerised.


Increase seen in shipping cost2.

Same cranes,
all new performance.

AMLab uses retrofitted hardware and proven, industry leading software to deliver faster and safer transhipment loading with immediate productivity improvements.


Quay cranes are at the centre of transhipment container terminals. Pioneering their automation, AMLab addresses the bottleneck of container port operations, resulting in unprecedented improvements to productivity.

Better Data,
Better Operations

Better port operations begin with better data. At AMLab, we're experts in 3D imaging, with patented, industry-leading approaches tracking millions of data points in real-time. This competitive advantage is the foundation of all our solutions, providing superior accuracy at distance. Retrofitted to quay cranes and RTGs, it forms the core of our incident prevention and operator assistance solutions, enabling safer and more efficient port operations.

Leading automation, world-class ports. Drastically reduced shipping turn-around times yields in a reduction in per-box costs. The result? Increased profits and port enhanced reputation.

Automation increases productivity. By reducing the variability in performance between operators, ports can operate at high capacity with better scheduling capabilities.

AMLab is set apart by its' patented algorithmic and platform advantage,  laser data processing capabilities and its' crane control software deployment.​

Making waves.

3 Active Pilot Programs

Across global ports validating AMLab’s technology.

Global Network

With Port Authorities, System Integrators and Leaders in Shipping

Proven Value

Successful capital raise in 2020, blowing key milestones out of the water.

“AMLab has demonstrated more in 4 weeks than industry incumbents have in 4 years.​”

- Partner Manager of Pilot Program

“You have our full support to implement this technology in Saudi and we are willing to drive this to be first and lead this globally.”

- Omar Hariri, President of Saudi Port Authority MAWANI​

“This was one of the quickest and most successful raises we have done.”

- Maiden Capital

The New
Status Quo
For Ports 4.0

Current attempts at fully-automated ports have seen productivity fall by up to 15 percent3, with gross moves per hour dropping from high 30s to low 20s. With a proven track record of delivering productivity increases above 20 percent, AMLab marks a critical turning point in Ports 4.0 - and we’re just getting started.

Want in?

AMLab is leading the charge on port automation, and we're looking for friends to join us along the way. For investment opportunities and further information, reach out through the contact form or at

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