From WA to the World: Leveraging the Innovation Booster Grant for Early-Stage Success

March 10, 2022

For Start-ups, developing a robust intellectual property strategy can be a time-consuming, costly endeavour. To assist Western Australian Innovators, the Innovation Booster Grant program (IBG) provides essential financial support for developing a robust path to commercialisation.

In 2019, AMLab took advantage of this opportunity, securing $20,000 to assist in developing its intellectual property strategy. This funding paved the initial path to market, creating a sound plan for rolling out autonomous machine vision technologies to ship-to-shore container cranes.

Plan in place, the IBG grant aided in securing $1.3 million in funding, alongside strengthening commercial partnerships and growing our workforce. The IBG, as a part of the New Industries Fund, is essential for accelerating the growth of emerging Start-ups across all Western Australian Sectors.

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