AMLab Opens it’s Doors for Exclusive Shareholder Event

July 1, 2021

Shareholders and select guests got an exclusive look at AMLab’s technology in action last week with the first hosted Open Night. Taking place in AMLab’s R&D Warehouse, guests we’re updated with rapid company progress alongside live demonstrations of sensing and control capabilities.

Jawn Looi (Head of Business Development) and Shanil Herat (Managing Director) updated the audience on the progress made since raising capital at the end of 2020. The event allowed for networking and engagement with those who made it possible, as well as an opportunity for shareholders to engage with the core team.

By securing strategic partnerships with international ports and system integrators, AMLab successfully met several key investment milestones ahead of schedule. These partnerships will see patented sensing algorithms being deployed as part of innovation projects, a true real-world test of AMLab’s abilities.

Jawn Looi, Head of Business Development, speaking with guests at AMLab’s Open Night.

In addition to food and drinks, guests were entertained with the ability to operate AMLab’s scale crane model themselves. Using an Xbox controller, guests we’re freely able to drive the trolley and hoist the spreader along a 15-metre segment of rail. In practice, the model serves as a key piece of AMLab’s development process, allowing the rapid prototyping of software on a scale model, in tandem with computer simulations. With a bottle of Champagne on the line, pilots were tasked with landing on a specified model sea container in the quickest amount of time.

Opening Night scoreboard. The fastest guest achieved a time of 1 minute and 3 seconds. AMLab’s autonomous system successfully performed the same maneuver in 13.2 seconds.

Closing the evening, AMLab’s autonomous system operated the scale model independently. This demonstrated the efficacy of numerous core technologies, including anti-sway, autonomous movement and the Final Landing System. As predicted, the autonomous flight sat well atop the leaderboard - a testament to the unrivalled performance autonomous systems are capable of.

With significant progress made so far and several key projects in development, AMLab is committed in our goal of delivering transformational change at container ports globally.